GM’s first plug-in hybrids will hit the market in 2027

By Anne Bourgoin

As we told you last January, GM needed to offer plug-in hybrids again, especially in North America, to give the all-electric approach time to come back into the limelight.

GM CEO Mary Barra has just announced that the first plug-in hybrids will hit the market in 2027. And that’s no coincidence. 2027 is the year when emissions standards will become more stringent for vehicles in the United States, before being cut in half by 2055. And GM wants to rely on plug-in hybrids to offset the emissions generated by its more polluting vehicles.

The models have not yet been announced, but we do know that the technology will be derived from the one already used by General Motors in other markets, such as China, where the Chevrolet Equinox PHEV is the most successful.

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