(Article published in L’AUTOMOBILE Collision magazine, February 2024)

By Marc Bardiaux

In an article published on LinkedIn in November 2023, Anthony Giagnacovo, an influential member of the global automotive ecosystem, praised curiosity as a powerful tool for promoting human activity.

According to Mr Giagnacovo, most people are not even aware of whether or not they are inhabited by an inquisitive mind. This awareness requires self-reflection, sometimes made difficult by the hectic pace of modern life. Curiosity is often regarded as a simple, unalterable personality trait.

The good news is that, like other mental faculties, it can be developed and expanded through regular practice of a few tried-and-tested exercises as part of a well-defined program. Cultivating our curiosity then becomes a guarantee of dynamism and efficiency that will gradually extend to every action we take on a daily basis, thanks to a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Here are a few effective tips that Mr Giagnacovo suggests we incorporate into our daily routine.

  1. Don’t look for excuses for inaction

Expecting others to feed our curiosity is counterproductive. It’s important to put aside that inner dialogue that cites lack of time or blames someone else for nourishing our intellect.

  1. Find your direction and stay the course

A period of assiduous introspection can only be beneficial in establishing your priorities and setting a clear course. Reading, writing and talking to others are very effective tools for identifying your desires and priorities. Once you’ve mapped out your path, it’s important not to stray from it.

  1. Break out of your routine

Getting caught up in a routine is the ideal strategy to confine your mind within the walls of everyday life. Take a close look at your actions and thoughts, and don’t hesitate to experiment with new ways of doing things. In the process, you’ll make some wonderful discoveries.

  1. Trust yourself and explore

Facing the unknown means accepting to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Get off the beaten path, expose yourself to risk, and you’ll find unsuspected resources that lay dormant within you.

In conclusion, curiosity is more a journey than a destination, as you develop new strengths and skills. These will have a direct and profound impact on all aspects of your life, both personal and professional. In fact, you’ll undoubtedly realize that your performance at various levels will be greatly enhanced.

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