Rimac Technology has announced an important collaboration with BMW Group to manufacture next-generation battery packs for future BMW electric vehicles. This partnership marks Rimac’s most substantial project to date, highlighting its transition from a niche high-performance supplier to a high-volume Tier 1 supplier. It aims at producing 100,000 batteries annually between 2024 and 2026.

This alliance will involve the establishment of sophisticated automated production lines at the Rimac Campus near Zagreb, Croatia, dedicating a significant part of its facility to this initiative.

BMW Group brings its extensive expertise in battery and electric drive systems to the table, complementing Rimac’s advanced technology. This European tie-up seeks to challenge Asian dominance in the electric vehicle battery sector. While specific details on the batteries and the models they will power remain undisclosed, BMW has clarified that these batteries will not be for the upcoming Neue Klasse EV line set for 2025.

BMW aims for half of its global sales to be fully electric by 2030, up from 15% BEV share last year. This initiative is part of BMW’s broader strategy to outsource substantial development aspects to capable partners like Rimac while focusing on in-house battery cell research in Germany.

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