The 2024 Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) Innovation Awards, unveiled at the Elevate, Vancouver Auto Show, spotlighted three groundbreaking automotive technologies.


BMW’s 5th-Generation Electric Drive System, absent of rare earth materials and featured in the i5 and 5 Series PHEV, clinched the Best Green Innovation award for its serviceability and reduced environmental footprint.


Volvo’s EX90 Safety Suite, featuring a high-resolution LiDAR for more effective driver assistance in the new electric SUV, secured the Best Safety Innovation award.


Lastly, the Range Rover Sport SV’s 6D Dynamics Suspension, an interlinked system enhancing handling, comfort, and off-road capability without anti-roll bars, earned Best Technical Innovation. The brand has won this award for the second consecutive year.

AJAC’s Awards Chair Graham Heeps highlighted the industry’s focus on electrification, automation, and safety, praising the innovations for their contributions to environmental sustainability, crash reduction, and vehicle performance improvements.


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