By Anne Bourgoin

Remember when Elon Musk claimed that the Cybertruck’s body was “bulletproof, ultra-hard stainless steel”? We won’t mention bullets here, but some owners have released photos of their vehicles with rust stains. And for some, they’d only been in possession of this tank of the future for a few days!

According to CBS, Tesla is fully aware of the problem. It seems that the issue stems from the way the vehicle is assembled, using lower-quality steel connectors.

The solution? Opt for a paint film, present on the majority of vehicles on the market. But for the Cybertruck, this is an option that costs no less than US$5,000 if you choose clear, or US$1,000 if you pick black or white.

When you consider that it sells from US$57,390 to US$96,390, it’s enough to make you choke a little.

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