By Daniel Rufiange

To say that Mazda is behind the game in terms of electrification is an understatement. If this were a race, it would look as if the company had started backwards. The strategy has been criticized, but ironically, it’s paying off in North America for the Japanese automaker.

Mazda is on track for a record year in the United States, while Mexico has now surpassed Canada in terms of sales. Not bad for a company that only offers one electric model, the MX-30, which sold very slowly in the U.S. before being withdrawn from the market.

Uncertainty about demand benefits the company, explains CEO Masahiro Moro. Nonetheless, Mazda intends to get down to business, promising that its portfolio will include eight electric vehicles by 2030.

Masahiro Moro remains cautious, however, and explains that Mazda will “intentionally” follow the electric shift. In other words, if things don’t go so well, we’ll take a step back. At present, electric vehicle sales account for less than 1% of the company’s total volume worldwide (around 1.5 million models). This figure could rise to between 25% and 40% by 2030.

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