By Éric Descarries

International manufacturer Stellantis has just announced its Pro One commercial vehicle program, which should include at least four electric pickup trucks, including the Ram 1,500 REV 2025 pickup, due to arrive next year. The announcement also included a discreet mention of a new “hydrogen” solution.

Otherwise, nothing was revealed about smaller, possibly electric pickups (while neither of the two American competitors, Ford and GM, has announced any such models other than large units). However, we do know that the large ProMaster van will be offered in an EV version later this year.

While Stellantis specializes in commercial vehicles under the Pro One banner (obviously a nod to the Ford Pro program), he also hinted at a possible renewal of his range of delivery vans (from Ram, Citroën, to Fiat, Peugeot and Vauxhall). Some directors have already whispered about the possibility of fuel cell engines for large trucks, which could include the ProMaster. . .

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