By Piero Facchin

The long-awaited deliveries of the new LiveWire Del Mar Launch Edition electric motorcycles have just begun. The S2 Del Mar is LiveWire’s second electric motorcycle model, but the first to be launched solely under the LiveWire badge.

The LiveWire One, the brand’s first model, was inherited from Harley-Davidson after the company created LiveWire in 2021, a 100% electric sub-brand. The original Harley-Davidson LiveWire cost close to US$30,000, but was relaunched as LiveWire One with a price closer to US$23,000.

The recently launched LiveWire Del Mar, priced at US$15,500, was designed to further penetrate the market with a more accessible model aimed at the largely urban motorcyclist.

With a claimed city range of 181 km and a 63 kW (84 hp) motor that propels the bike from 0 km/h to 96 km/h in 3.1 seconds, the LiveWire Del Mar has plenty of power for an urban-oriented motorcycle.

Launched at a pivotal moment for LiveWire, the Del Mar is set to be the bike that ushers in a new era of lighter, more affordable electric motorcycles from the brand. While the H-D LiveWire and LiveWire One models were critically acclaimed for their design and engineering, the bikes’ higher prices limited their accessibility. With a new generation of more affordable motorcycles that retain good performance and the characteristic LiveWire design, the company could be blazing a new trail.

LiveWire and Zero Motorcycles currently account for the majority of highway-friendly electric motorcycle sales in the USA, as well as a large proportion of such sales in Europe. However, companies such as Italian sports bike manufacturer Energica have seen their numbers rise, while Asian newcomers are also targeting a growing share of the market.

The LiveWire Del Mar is built on a modular platform around a structural battery, which is likely to be used for several new models over the next few years.

With just a few weeks of bikes delivered so far, it’s too early to say what this might mean for the brand. But so far, riders seem pretty pleased.

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