The fourth Québec Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Show, presented by iA Dealer Services in collaboration with Scotiabank, was a resounding success. Thousands of people walked through the doors of the Centre de Foires d’ExpoCité to learn about, test drive and compare all things related to the electrification of transportation.

“Once again, the public showed great interest in the electric innovations of automobile manufacturers,” reports Louis Desmeules, President of Corporation Mobilis. “More than 20 automotive brands were present, a record for the diversity of the Québec Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Show,” he continues.

Throughout the weekend, visitors were able to learn not only about the vehicles presented by the various manufacturers, but also about the home recharging solutions that can be installed, and the various modes of e-transport such as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and moped that are now available to the general public.

The great popularity of free test drives

Test drives were a big hit all weekend long! A total of 2,793 people were charmed by the 35 cars on display. “Test drives are a real pillar of the Québec Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Show,” says Charles Drouin, CEO of Mobilis Corporation and General Manager of the show. “They are very popular with visitors, as they allow them to try out and compare the electric vehicles they are interested in,” he continues.

In addition to the test drives, thanks to Turbo Kids, visitors were able to wander around the indoor track, which was set up to their great delight and offered the chance to try out bicycles, scooters and scooters.

The fourth edition of the Québec Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Show ended on a very positive note.

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