By Piero Facchin

Groupe Park Avenue consolidates its assets in the world of recreational vehicles with the exclusive sale of LiveWire motorcycles throughout the province of Québec. Not only is Groupe Park Avenue expanding in this sector via its Léo Harley-Davidson dealership in Brossard, but they are also very proud to offer an environmentally friendly way of riding electric motorcycles. “It’s an honour to be chosen as the only authorized LiveWire dealer in Québec,” says Norman John Hébert, President and COO at Groupe Park Avenue.

“The LiveWire ONE and S2 Del Mar models, in particular, have been available in the U.S. for some time now, and are extremely popular, especially with those living in urban areas. I’m very excited about their arrival in Québec. They are convincing alternatives to motorcycles. In particular, they appeal to a wide range of customers who are more sensitive to their environmental impact, while at the same time placing a premium on performance and quality,” he adds. The LiveWire ONE will arrive at Léo Harley-Davidson in late summer 2023, followed by the LiveWire S2 Del Mar.

The S2 Del Mar is technically the second LiveWire model, but it’s really the first model developed by the brand after its spin-off from Harley-Davidson. Electric motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular and offer a wide range of products.

“These electric motorcycles make almost no noise, but they are powerful and agile. Although the LiveWire electric motorcycle is very popular with urban and sporty customers, it’s also perfectly suited to frequent travellers, who just need a little more organization,” points out Maggy Michaud, General Manager at Léo Harley-Davidson. “It’s a unique experience that allows us to be more aware of our surroundings and stay in the moment. Eliminating the need to shift gears and clutch makes it all very natural and lets riders concentrate on the road,” she concludes.

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