By Anne Bourgoin


Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) has just announced a new national training program in both official languages focused on electric car sales. Seventy-five percent of the program costs will be funded by Natural Resources Canada, up to a maximum of $297,000. “Selling an EV is different than selling a gasoline vehicle. Most drivers—and sales representatives—are not necessarily familiar with the world of EVs. [. . .] The representatives must be able to explain the differences between home and on-the-road charging, national, provincial, regional and local incentives for EVs, battery technology, maintenance costs, energy, total cost of ownership, and more. This program will give them the tools they need,” said Daniel Breton, President and CEO of EMC. This is part of a broader investment of $5.8 million in 28 organizations to raise awareness and educate consumers about zero-emission vehicles.

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