By Piero Facchin

On March 15, Volkswagen unveiled a concept car, offering the first real glimpse of an affordable electric vehicle that is expected to be unveiled on the European market in 2025.

The Volkswagen ID.2all concept envisions a future production model that will have a base price of 25,000 euros (about $26,500 U.S. S. at current exchange rates) and will use a new variant of the automaker’s ubiquitous MEB platform called MEB Entry. It is one of 10 new electric models VW plans to launch globally by 2026.

The ID.2all is a sedan with slightly more conventional styling than current ID family models, such as the ID.4 crossover. At 159.4″ long, the ID.2all is almost two feet shorter than the ID.4 and has a 6.6″ shorter wheelbase. It is also 4.3″ lower and 1.6″ narrower than the crossover. Those dimensions translate into storage space between 17.3 cu ft and 46.9 cu ft, according to VW.

Range is estimated at just under 450 km on the European WLTP test cycle. Battery capacity was not disclosed, but DC fast charging takes 20 minutes for a 10 percent to 80 percent charge. The infotainment system includes an EV route planner to help locate charging stations and the ID. Light and Travel Assist features of current MEB models are also retained.

Power comes from a single electric motor producing 222 hp, which VW says is enough to go from 0 to 100 km/h in under 7.0 seconds with a top speed of 160 km/h. The ID.2all is also the first MEB-based vehicle with front-wheel drive; all others to date have been rear-wheel drive with a single motor or dual motor all-wheel drive.

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