By Anne Bourgoin


Swedish company Reselo AB has developed an innovative rubber solution incorporating birch bark from residues of the global paper and plywood industry. Presented at Nokian Tires’ FAST RACE, BIG CHANGE sustainable innovation challenge, Reselo’s rubber won first place, convincing the jury of its versatility and future potential.

“[We] believe that Reselo will be one of the stepping stones towards achieving our own goal of having 50 percent of the raw materials in our tires renewable or recycled by 2030,” said Teemu Soini, head of innovation and development at Nokian Tires.

According to Reselo AB, the forestry industry in Finland and Sweden produces enough to generate 200,000 tons of rubber. The biorefinery concept used by the company is also designed to minimize its environmental impact.

“We launched this competition because we want to remain at the forefront of the eco-friendly tire industry […]. We are delighted with the results,” said Teemu Soini.

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