By Éric Descarries

According to major automotive publications such as Automotive News Canada, Canadian startup eLeapPower battery tech was recently picked by China’s Chery Automobile Co. for its inverter. This specific component takes advantage of the windings and magnetics found in EV motors to charge an EV’s battery. Among its main characteristics, the inverter would be able to handle both alternating and direct currents (AC and DC), and it would have bidirectional charging capabilities.

This new type of electric vehicle inverter was, after years of development, created by eLeapPower and it should launch before the end of this year on a popular line of commercial vans, the all-electric Dolphin from China-based Chery Automobile Co. If everything goes according to plan, Chery would like to use it on all its commercial production vehicles and that will amount to more than 200,000 vehicles per year. eLeap is also discussing with other partners for more production.

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