Japanese automaker Toyota has not announced any production of an EV pickup yet. Still, according to a new electric truck survey by website Autolist, it seems there would be a significant demand for smaller electric pickups than those already on the market or coming up.

Indeed, the actual Ford F-150 Lightning topped the rankings as the most popular electric truck as some 24% of respondents picked it as their top choice. Ironically, as Autolist also included a possible electric version of Toyota’s Tacoma mid-sized truck, 20% of the respondents chose it. But such a truck does NOT exist even if Toyota unveiled last year a concept vehicle that COULD represent an electric Toyota pickup! This type of pickup would attract millennials as the F-150 Lightning appeals to “baby boomers” and Generation X. Can we expect an EV pickup from Toyota soon? For the moment, the vehicle that comes the closest from Toyota would be the Tundra Hybrid!

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