Just recently at SEMA 2022, which took place from October 31 to November 3 in Las Vegas, Gig Performance introduced the Roadkil 5000, a product that has the ability to capture the energy lost in the suspension system in the form of vibrations and redirect it to the battery. In addition, the device functions as a shock absorber itself, as the electrical resistance inside the generator has a damping effect.

According to Brandon Barkdull, the company’s CEO, “Gig Performance will revolutionize the way we capture waste energy in vehicles across America. Our solution helps electric vehicles (EVs) recharge on the go, so you can stay on the road longer. Range is the biggest barrier to EV adoption—we’re excited to help solve this problem with our technology.”

With the growing importance of this form of transportation, one of the major limitations facing automakers is battery engineering, especially when it comes to range.

In fact, range anxiety is one of the main factors limiting buyer interest in EVs. While most improvements to EVs and batteries seem to revolve around energy efficiency, Gig Performance has come up with a solution that takes otherwise wasted energy and converts it into electrical energy to supplement the battery. Hopefully, this technology is easily adaptable to all EVs.

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