– All EV Canada is organizing Nova Scotia’s first zero-carbon flight.
An electric vehicle (Ford F-150 Lightning) charged up on solar power will make its way to the Debert Airfield where it will pull a glider into the sky for the first emission-free flight in the region.
Robert Francis holds a Gliding Instructor Certification and Chairs the Gliding Association of Nova Scotia.

He will be piloting the aircraft and will have Jeremie Bernardin as his passenger. The tow vehicle has another trick up it’s sleeve- through it’s ten (10) 120 volt power outlets, lunch will be cooked for the crew: chicken wings in the air fryer, chili in the Instant Pot, hamburgers on the electric BBQ, and a coffee machine. All powered via the truck’s battery.

The Electric Vehicle Association of Atlantic Canada is coordinating additional flights after lunch. Participants experiencing a zero-carbon flight will be making donations to the We Are Young charity.

All EV Canada, has been helping advance the transition towards sustainable transportation through their network of electric vehicle dealerships in Atlantic Canada that serve their customers through education sessions, sales, and service of all electric vehicle makes and models.

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