Autobus Girardin, a Québec-based specialized electric school bus supplier, has invited more than 150 bus fleet owners at its headquarters in Drummondville, Québec, to discuss infrastructure and electrification. By the way, those transporters have almost all transformed their school bus fleet to electrical power. They are now considered as pioneers in their field.

Last year, the provincial government decreed that all new school buses used in Québec had to be electrically powered. The invited school bus owners are thus ready for the 2022–2023 back-to-school days. According to Michel Daneault, sales Vice-President for Eastern Canada at Girardin, some 900 school buses must be ordered every year to replace used vehicles or to answer the increased demand for more students or special needs.

This year around 300 electric school buses should be delivered by Girardin to school bus fleets. Such an operation will require more recharge infrastructure and that means a lot of work for Girardin, official distributor for Bluebird school buses and Micro Bird minibuses, the latter being made in Québec. Girardin’s territory also includes Ontario, the Maritimes, and more recently, New York state and Connecticut.

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