Through a company within Vingroup, start-up Vietnamese automaker VinFast just announced an investment in the tens of millions of dollars in ProLogium, a world-leading manufacturer in the next-generation solid-state battery technology. VinFast also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with ProLogium for strategic cooperation arrangements to ensure next-generation solid-state battery supplies and support the goal of expanding its smart mobility solutions globally.

At the same time, VinFast and ProLogium will become long-term strategic partners in the future. The two companies will reach commercial agreements to develop battery pack designs using ProLogium’s proprietary solid-state battery technology.

Following these arrangements, ProLogium plans to provide solid-state battery cells to VinFast from 2024 to support its next generation line-up. ProLogium’s first major solid-state battery plant, slated to launch in early 2023, will devote a major portion of the facility’s production capacity to supply VinFast. In the future, ProLogium and VinFast could also establish a joint-venture solid-state battery factory in Vietnam.

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