There Are Now Two Ford in Your Future

Do you remember the old ad : «There’s a Ford in your future»? Well, you might have to change that to «There are TWO Fords in your future»! Indeed, as past Ford leader Alan Mullaly tried to unify all the world Ford products under one roof (called ONE Ford), his actual successor at Ford Motor Co., Jim Farley, is creating two Ford : Ford Blue for its gasoline (ICE or Internal Combustion Engine) powered vehicles including the F-150s and Broncos and Ford Model e for its electric vehicles such as the Mustang Mach-E, the F-150 Lightning et al.! Oh! By the way, Farley will preside both factions as he will encourage collaboration between both sides. On the other hand, such a decision could bring some big changes for dealers who might have to split their business. There is more to come on that subject!

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