VW and Bosch partner on self-driving systems

Volkswagen Group’s software unit Cariad and German supplier Robert Bosch have recently announced a collaboration to develop advanced driver-assistance and autonomous-driving systems.

Cariad and Bosch are teaming up to develop Level 2 systems for urban and highway driving. These should be installed on VW Group vehicles coming up in 2023. The team will also develop Level 3 possibilities for hands-free highway driving.


According to SAE International, Level 2 systems are the ones that provide steering and brake and acceleration support to the driver. As far as Level 3 systems are concerned, they provide automated driving in certain conditions but with a driver.

The partnership comes in time to help VW catch up with competitors such as Mercedes-Benz (with a Level 3 automated driving system) and Tesla (with its Level 2 Autopilot system).

(Photo Bosch)

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