Chrysler finally lifts the wrap on its electric car

It was at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Showcase that Stellantis brand Chrysler unveiled the rendering of a concept electric automobile called the Airflow. Though the company kept insisting it was just a concept and there were no immediate production intent, the vehicle surely looked like it was production-ready. But presentators kept insisting that we will have to wait until closer to 2025 before the first Chrysler BEV is to be launched. At the same time, it was announced that the now mostly neglected brand (with only the 300 sedan and Pacifica (and its siblings) remaining) could very well be revived and become fully electric by 2028. Incidentally, the Airflow was designed by ex-Montrealer Ralph Gilles without any input from Stellantis’ 13 other brands! 

(Photo Stellantis)

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