The city of New York targets full EV fleet by 2035

According to a recent report from Green Car Congress, New York City is looking at a complete conversion of its municipal fleet to electric power by 2035. This transition would be hastened with an investment of $420 million that would  include the construction of a new electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This would be the largest investment of its kind as far as converting a public vehicle fleet to all-electric power. At that point, the transition would include each and every of the city’s light-duty, medium-duty, and non-emergency heavy-duty vehicles. Note that, previously, New York’s goal of converting its fleet to electric vehicles was targeted for 2040. Thus, as we now know, this goal was accelerated by five years. The city of New York operates the largest municipal fleet in the United States with some 30,000 vehicles in total. Already we know that senior City officials will exclusively use electric vehicles by June 30th of 2023.

Photo Daimler

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