Ford already out of its electric crate motors

Ford announced last summer that it would sell «crate» versions of the electric motor that powers its new Mustang Mach E (a crate motor is simply a complete motor packaged in a wooden crate and ready to be installed in a car). Called the Eluminator, the 205 pounds (93 kilos) Ford electric crate motor was shown at the Las Vegas SEMA show announcing its 281 horsepower and $3,900 US price tag. Hot rodders probably thought it was a reasonable price because Ford has already run out of stock. Still, to make the crate motor work, a builder needs to source his own inverter and battery pack! At least, Ford supplies a vent tube assembly, an LV harness and connector, and an HV motor to traction inverter harness. But, since it is a transverse application, it should do without a transmission and a differential! Would it be that hot-rodders are already turning to electric motors?

Photo Ford


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