Electric Mobility Canada sets important electric vehicle targets with its 2030 EV* Action Plan

100% electric passenger vehicle sales in Canada by 2030

Today, as COP26 takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) launched its 2030 EV Action Plan to help Canada reach its 2030 climate targets.

As presented in the CICC and WHO reports, Canada can and should reach 100% electric passenger vehicle sales by 2030 in order to meet its GHG emission reduction target of -40% to -45% by 2030 compared to its 2005 GHG emission level. For all other types of vehicles, from medium- to heavy-duty to off-road, the same should be achieved by 2040 at the latest.

It is worth noting that:

  • In the 14 years between 2005 and 2019, Canadian GHG (green house gas) emissions have only decreased by 1% which means that we only have nine years left to reach the other 39% to 44% decrease.
  • A 2019 report by the International Energy Agency indicates that light-duty vehicles in Canada have the highest average fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer driven in the world. They are also the largest and second heaviest in the world.
  • By 2021, Health Canada has estimated the economic cost of air pollution to be a staggering $120 billion and 15,300 deaths (8 times the number of road deaths) and a significant percentage of this air pollution comes from the transportation sector.

Achieving these EV adoption targets will not only help fight climate change, but it will also improve the health of Canadians while creating hundreds of thousands of sustainable quality jobs. As a result, Canada will be in the forefront of the electric transportation revolution and will be seen as a global leader in the industry. “This joint effort from EMC members clearly demonstrates how seriously we must tackle the climate crisis and how we can help the Canadian government reach its ambitious climate and EV adoption targets. We welcome any organization that wants to join us in this ambitious, yet achievable effort”, said Daniel Breton, President and CEO of EMC.

The 2030 Electric Vehicle (EV) Action Plan is an industry-led project of EMC and is intended to ensure Canada succeeds in the transition to electric mobility. The 2030 EV Action Plan consists of six key pillars:

#1 – Light Duty EV Consumer Adoption
#2 – Medium, Heavy-Duty and Off-Road Fleet Electrification
#3 – National EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan
#4 – 2030 Electric Vehicle Strategy and EV Regulation
#5 – Domestic EV Jobs and Manufacturing Capacity
#6 – Federal Leadership

Each category includes several detailed policy recommendations that break down how each pillar can be realized. Visit EMC’s 2030 EV Action Plan website to review the plan in its entirety. The 2030 EV Action Plan was developed by EMC and several EMC members that span the whole EV landscape. This is the first of several initiatives by EMC that will be implemented in order to propel Canada into a more sustainable future.

Additional Quotations

“Decarbonizing transportation is critical if Canada hopes to achieve its international climate commitments. The 2030 EV Action Plan was developed by asking Canada’s leading electrified transportation companies and non-profits a simple, but critical question: how do we get to 100% electric vehicle sales by 2030? FLO | AddEnergie is proud to support this critical policy engagement, and is looking forward to working with our colleagues across industry, the non-profit sector, and governments of all levels to put these essential policies in place.”

-Travis Allan, VP Public Affairs and General Counsel, FLO | AddEnergie

“Girardin is proud to be supporting Electric Mobility Canada’s 2030 EV Action Plan to step up the electrification of transport in Canada. This is an essential step to reducing our environmental footprint while continuing to transport our future generations safely.”
-Michel Daneault, VP Sales & Service – Eastern Canada, A. Girardin Inc.

*EV: Electric Vehicle

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