Hyundai teams up with Factorial Energy for solid-state batteries

Solid-state batteries are being developed to compete liquid-type batteries largely used nowadays. Since the configuration seems promising as far as charging, performance and safety are concerned, many major automakers are working on such technology, both independently and in partnerships. Hyundai Motor is the latest to announce its involvement in the space that recently unveiled it began to work with Factorial Energy to test the Massachusetts-based company’s solid-state battery and its integration in Hyundai EVs. The two should also develop specifications for manufacturing Factorial’s battery for automotive applications. Hyundai Motor Group (which covers the Genesis, Hyundai and Kia brands) will also invest into Factorial as part of the agreement. The company claims it has developed a solid-state battery that enables safe and reliable performance in high-capacity, high-voltage applications. The company also claims its battery would deliver 20-50% more range than current liquid-type batteries and that it could be used by current EVs.

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