KILOMETRES TRAVELLED – AIA Canada’s New Report Measures Vehicle Use

It’s a simple equation: the more often a vehicle is used, the more need for maintenance. But with COVID-19 disrupting the driving patterns of Canadians, our industry is faced with uncertainty. Knowing how quickly driving trends are returning to their pre-COVID level is critical for aftermarket businesses to plan ahead.


That’s why AIA Canada has partnered with StreetLight Data, a US-based firm that provides big data for mobility across North America to produce our latest report, National Vehicle Kilometres Travelled Metrics – 2019 to 2021. Using a combination of machine learning and a deep knowledge of the transportation market, the data in this report sheds light on the average kilometers driven by Canadians across the country.


With this report, AIA Canada aims to provide our members with the knowledge they need to make strategic business decisions. The data gathered will span three key years – 2019 (pre-COVID), 2020 (peak COVID) and 2021 (COVID & beyond), with trend lines based on quarterly figures.


This novel initiative is somewhat experimental. We’ll be looking for member input to help us improve the methodology and data on an ongoing basis. Contact Shamsia Quraishi with your feedback and comments.


The report is available as a PDF and is available at no cost for members and non-members.

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