Ford F-150 Lightning production to be doubled

Customers’ interest in the 2022 F-150 Lightning, Ford’s first ever all-electric Ford F-150, has been so impressive following its reveal earlier this year that more than 120,000 prospective buyers asked to reserve one.

Ford had announced that it would limit the truck very first model year since it’s an entirely new vehicle being built in a brand new plant, the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. Nonetheless, that strong demand for the electrified pickup seems to have motivated Ford to double its F-150 Lightning production target, according to the Reuters news agency.

Consequently, Ford should spend an additional 850 million USD (about $ 1 070 2611 333 CDN) to make it possible. Strong prelaunch interest in the electrified pickup, mostly among commercial customers, was the main factor in this decision, as one source told Reuters that Ford was “pleasantly surprised by the demand for the Lightning.”

Photo Ford

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