Mercedes-Benz intensifying cooperation with GROB

Local battery production identifies some sport of differentiation for Mercedes-Benz and its electric push. The company’s global battery production network will soon include nine battery factories on three continents helping the company’s ambition to become fully electric before the end of the decade. To help industrialize production of future generation batteries, Mercedes-Benz is increasing its cooperation with its longstanding partner GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG, a German world market leader in highly innovative battery production and automation systems.

The focus of the cooperation is on the joint development and construction of highly efficient battery production facilities for the global battery production network, and this includes the assembly of both battery modules and battery packs. Consequently, Mercedes-Benz is strengthening its battery production capacity and know-how in the field of innovative manufacturing technology. Production systems from GROB-WERKE are already in use in the battery plants of Mercedes-Benz.

(Source/photo Daimler)

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