GM launches website on battery recycling

General Motors has recently launched a website to teach the public on how to properly remove and recycle battery packs from its hybrid and electric vehicles. The website, with has an easy-to-remember URL of «,» is, according to the manufacturer, mostly intended for vehicle dismantlers who recycle automobiles at the end of their useful life. The website features information on how to neutralize and remove battery packs from GM hybrid and electric vehicles and how to safely store and ship them. Included is a list of EV battery recyclers in the United States that accept used EV battery packs. We expect that a Canadian version should be on its way. Also, specific battery extraction manuals are offered on the site for all GM electric and hybrid vehicles from the late 2000s onward. These include older hybrid vehicles like the Saturn Vue Green Line up to more recent vehicles like the Chevy Bolt EV and eAssist-equipped pickup trucks.

(Photo GM)

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