Purolator moving to more electric vehicles

Purolator just announced it was taking another step into making its fleet greener with the arrival of fully electric curbside-delivery trucks in Vancouver. The fleet will include new 18-foot electric delivery trucks and electric–cargo bikes (e-bikes), innovative eco-friendly vehicles like the ones already in use on the streets of Montreal and Toronto to match the increase in local delivery caused by the COVID 19 impact.

Other than the e-bikes, the new electric delivery vehicles announced by Purolator are built on Ford’s F-59 platform. Their electric power comes from Motiv Power Systems. This manufacturer’s Electric Power Intelligent Chassis® (EPIC) is a market-leading platform for delivery vans. Thanks to Purolator’s use of this technology, Motiv is happy to report its first collaboration with a company in Canada.

Photo Purolator

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