New Mitsubishi Prototype

Mitsubishi will show a 4-motor PHEV concept at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, highlighting new electrification tech and unconventional gasoline power in a new downsized SUV package. The individual motors enable torque vectoring on both an axle-by-axle and wheel-by-wheel basis, or, as Mitsubishi calls it, dual-motor active yaw control.

Rather than a normal gasoline ICE, the Mi-Tech will employ a gas turbine generator. The Mi-Tech is also meant to be a driver assist showcase. Rather than relying on the cluster or a large screen for driver information displays, the Mi-Tech actually projects information directly onto the windshield. Picture a head-up display, only on a much larger scale.

It’s also equipped with the sort of advanced safety systems expected on next-generation cars, such as emergency steering and brake assist.

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