Get ready to feel love again, Porsche

The Porsche Taycan 2020 will be the first widely available electric car designed around 800 volts. The latest Porsche advertisement, the company wants to make sure the power is ready.

The ad, an original idea, taking a close look at Nevada’s Hoover Dam, which the National Park Service calls the “world’s largest dam” for its ability to reduce disastrous flooding in the Southwest. The ad doesn’t name the Taycan, in particular. Instead, three Porsches, they could be Cayenne e-hybrids, run along a prominent road, in the darkness before dawn as well as the light of dawn. Huge high-voltage lines shine and rumble, in an attempt to bring the visceral sense of power to a silent electric car.

“Hey, electricity, all that cold water makes you numb?” “Get ready to feel love again, Porsche.”

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