Ford recycles 1.2 billion plastic bottles each year in vehicle parts manufacturing

When you put a plastic bottle in recycling, do you ever wonder where it will end up? How about, among other things, in a Ford vehicle.

Ford Motor Company is fully involved in the effort to promote environmentally friendly car parts, including using recycled plastic bottles in the base armour of all cars and SUVs, and in F-Series truck rim linings. At a time when the vast majority of plastic is out of recycling, and citizens and governments are redoubling their efforts to reduce their use, Ford is reusing more recycled bottles than ever before in its vehicle parts.

 Today, the company values recycled plastic bottles in the base armour of all its cars, trucks and SUVs. Ford uses about 1.2 billion recycled plastic bottles per year, the equivalent of about 250 bottles per vehicle on average.

Ecologically, the use of recycled plastics in parts reduces the amount of plastic waste that can end up in the environment, for example in the Pacific Ocean vortex, a mass of plastics of larger than Mexico

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