Bolt Nano Unveiled by Usain Bolt

Bolt Mobility, an endeavour of Olympic sprinter and investor Usain Bolt, unveiled a prototype for an electric minicar. The minicar was presented at a tech show in Paris and the company has started accepting reservations. The company currently operates an electric scooter sharing service in several major U.S. cities.

The EV is called the Bolt Nano and can fit two, with the passenger sitting behind the driver. The range is approximately 24 km. Four of the tiny cars can fit in a standard parking spot. The first examples are due on the roads in 2020. The vehicle will have a swappable battery meaning users will not have to park to charge.

Bolt will offer the cars through its own car sharing network.  The company is also looking at private owners purchasing the cars and adding it to the network. Pricing information was not yet available. A reservation requires a 999 USD deposit. Bolt proposes that owners could share in up to 50 percent of the revenues from the vehicle.

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