VW Batteries for the Lifetime of the Car

VW has announced that their EV batteries will last for the lifetime of the car. “We guarantee a minimum capacity of 70 percent for eight years or 160,000 kilometers.” said Frank Blome, head of Volkswagen’s Center of Excellence for Battery Cells.

Battery warranty depends on the manufacturer and the model. Nissan, Tesla, and now VW are the only major automakers to explicitly warranty batteries and capacity. For instance the Tesla Model 3 has the same eight-year or 160,000 km warranty with 70 percent retention.

VWs current EV batteries are supplied by LG Chem and SK Innovation, two rival South Korean firms. VW is working with Silicon Valley start-up QuantumScape to develop the next generation of solid-state batteries. VW is a leader in the European Battery Union, a consortium that includes Northvolt and aims battery development in Europe.

In the case of raw materials for batteries and links to human rights violations, “We insist that all of our suppliers ensure humane mining conditions – and we check to make sure they comply with our agreements.” stated Blome.

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