PHEV Truck maker Workhorse in talks to purchase GM plant in Ohio

Workhorse, an Ohio-based commercial electric vehicle company, is in talks to purchase the Lordstown Complex plant. The plant, which produced the now-defunct Chevrolet Cruze, was idled in March 2019. The 6.2 million-square-foot complex includes an assembly plant, paint shop and metal-fabricating plant.

The Ohio complex would reportedly be owned by a new entity with Workhorse having a minority stake. Details on capital funding have not been announced. The plant would likely be used to produce the Workhorse W-15 extended-range plug-in hybrid pickup truck currently being developed.

The W-15, first announced in 2016, is expected to have an electric range of 130 km with a small gasoline range extender. The delivery date for the pickup has been delayed several times.

Workhorse currently outfits electric commercial vans and is developing delivery and passenger drones. The company made headlines in June 2018 with a deal to deliver 950 of its NGEN1000 electric step vans to UPS.

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