Electrification Hits the Water

The electrification of vehicles is spreading to the sea. Kelowna-based Templar Marine Group Ltd., a craft vessel maker, announced a 26-foot plugin electric boat earlier this year. The Templar Cruiser 26 is the first of five hand-built electric propulsion models.

Advantages of electric boating include: eco-friendly, quiet, lightweight (under 5,100lbs) and no winterizing required.

The total length is 29 feet (including 3-foot swim platform) and 9’6 beam (width). The cabin can be completely open or fully enclosed. The boat features: a full-size bathroom, overnight accommodation in the bow, central heating, and fridge

Mark Fry, Templar founder and CEO, believes “Templar Marine is poised to become the ‘Tesla of the water’ providing plugin electric pleasure crafts for the consumer and commercial market”.  With five models planned for release in 2019 Templar believes they can capitalize on this growing demand.

Based on its same 26-foot hull mould, Templar will produce four more models: a Sedan, a Water Taxi/Eco-Tour, an Ambulatory Care and a Light Cargo Vessel.

Click here for video of the Cruiser 26 in action

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