Classic VW EV Kits in the Works

When Volkswagen introduced the ID Buggy concept at the Geneva auto show in February, it also presented an interesting proposition: The company suggested that it would like to sell the Buggy’s modular electric underpinnings to other automakers to build their own electric models. “…the BUGGY’s modular design allows for the composite upper body to be detached from the MEB chassis, opening up a world of possibilities for third-party manufacturers…” said a press release from the company.

That follows in part the origins of the Meyers Manx dune buggy, which was a fiberglass body kit created in the 1960 by designer Bruce Meyers to fit onto existing Volkswagen Beetle floorplans. The big difference is, Meyers and his customers sourced used floorplans, often from junkyards for their creations, rather than buying brand new chassis from Volkswagen.

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