The Ford-VW alliance should save both companies a lot of money

The announcement of an alliance between American giant Ford and German behemoth Volkswagen should come as no surprise since such alliances are getting to be more and more popular in the industry as proven by BMW and Toyota for a sports car (Z4-Supra), Fiat and Chrysler, Renault and Nissan and more. But this is not a merger!

Indeed, Ford and VW should work together to build commercial vehicles such as delivery vans and pick-up trucks, vehicules that are Ford’s specialties (Ford and VW already worked together on such projects in Europe and South America in the past).  

Later, VW and Ford should once again cooperate to develop electric vehicles (Ford should invest some $15 billions in this adventure while VW will pour in some $50 billions).

 Obviously, these moves were made to help both manufacturers save a lot of money on research and development! Existing plants should be used.

Photo: Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess (right) and Ford CEO Jim Hackett confirm that thetwocompanies intend to develop commercial vans and medium-sized pickups for global markets beginning as early as 2022, and EVs in a later stage.

Photo : Volkswagen

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