Valeo takes remote driving further with Voyage XR

With its new Voyage XR system, Valeo can make someone appear aboard a vehicle virtually, be it to help a remote human operator drive an autonomous vehicle or enable a someone to transform themselves into a virtual traveller.

Premiered at the CES 2019 trade show in Las Vegas, Voyage XR is an immersive communication system that allows a remote user to interface with a vehicle and its occupants from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to a virtual reality headset and controller, the user can immerse themselves in a 3D experience.  

The Voyage XR system makes it appear as though they are physically on board by generating a user avatar appearing in the rearview mirror that allows them to interact with passengers.

Valeo believes that the system will meet the needs of people who wish to accompany a motorist but who are unable to do so due to a handicap for example, or of parents who wish to “accompany” (read: monitor) a young driver alone or with their friends.

Naturally, this system will also help autonomous vehicle operators make manoeuvring decisions as though they were on board.

The French OEM Valeo developed much of the technology such as the cameras, sensors, telematics, human-machine interface, etc. behind Voyage XR.

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